Strawberry Moon / グローヴァー・ワシントンJr.

Strawberry Moon
グローヴァー・ワシントンJr. / Grover Washington, Jr.

Strawberry Moon



  1. Strawberry Moon 4:23
  2. The Look Of Love 4:37
  3. Shivaree Ride 4:42
  4. Caught A Touch Of Your Love 5:07
  5. Maddie’s Blues 2:45
  6. I Will Be Here For You 5:30
  7. Monte Carlo Nights 5:50
  8. Keep In Touch 4:24
  9. Summer Nights 6:27
Strawberry Moon

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Grover Washington, Jr.: as, ts, fairlight-syn, Fender Rhodes
Marcus Miller: instrumental performances
B. B. King: g(#4)
Darryl Washington: ds
James Lloyd: grand-p(#5), fairlight, DX-7, Fender Rhodes
Leonard “Dr.” Gibbs: conga, Perc
Gerald Veasley: 5 String-b
Richard Lee Steacker: g

Michael J. Powell: g(#6)
Jim Salamone: linn-ds(#1, 3), perc(#1, 3)
Joey De Fr
ancesco: Fender Rhodes(#8), grand-p(#8)
Ellen Cohen: wind chimes, bell tree(#1)
James “Sid” Simmons: fairlight(#5)
B. B. King: lead-vo(#4)
Jean Carne: lead-vo(#2, 8)
Spencer Harrison: lead-vo(#7)back-vo(#7, 8)
Elizabeth Hogue: back-vo(#7, 8)