Improve The Shining Hour / ゲイリー・ルーカス

Improve The Shining Hour
ゲイリー・ルーカス / Gary Lucas

Improve The Shining Hour


  1. Coming Clean / Gary Lucas, vocal
  2. And The Ass Saw The Angel / Nick Cave, vocal
  3. Spider Web / David Johansen, vocal
  4. Dulce / Elli Medeiros, vocal
  5. Flavor Bud Living / instrumental
  6. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles / Captain Beefheart vocal
  7. In A Forest / Gary Lucas, vocal
  8. Judgement / Eric Mingus, vocal
  9. Judgement At Midnight Theme / instrumental
  10. Oat Hate / instrumental
  11. Follow / Richard Barone, vocal
  12. Astro Boy / Peter Stampfel & Gary Lucas, vocal
  13. Indian War Whoop / instrumental
  14. She Was Showing Me / Mary Margaret O’Hara, vocal
  15. Ted’s Theme / instrumental
  16. Golgotha / Featuring DJ Spooky
  17. Breath Of Bones / with God And Monster
  18. Listen, You Who Dare / Improve The Shining Hour / instrumental

#1: Recorded NYC 4/21/98
#2: Recorded live at the “Ein Abend en Wien” Festival, Rotterdam 9/1/91 Broadcast On VPRO radio and television
#3: Recorded and mixed by Jason Candler at Sound Dimensions NYC 1/3-4 2000
#4: Recorded at Plus XXX Studios, Paris 9/30/97
#5, 6: Recorded live at Toad’s Place, New Heaven Connecticut, 12/7/80
#7: Recorded NYC 3/9/98
#8: Recorded NYC 6/17/96, aired 6/20/96
#9: Recorded live at St. Ann’s Church, Brooklyn NY 11/11/99 as part of Hal Willner’s & Sascha von Oertzen
#10: Recorded live in his living room, NYC 3/82
#11: Recorded live on K-ROCK FM for Vin Scelsa’s “Idiot’s Delight” show NYC 12/11/94
#12: Recorded in New Orleans at the Boiler Room 12/2/94 for the asyet-unreleased album by The Du-Tels (Gary and Peter)
#13: Recorded live at Nick Cave’s Meltdown Festival, Royal Festival Hall, London 7/2/99, as part of Hal Willner’s Harry Smith Project
#14: Recorded at RPM Studios NYC 1/18/90
#15: Recorded at Video Helper, NYC 3/2/98 for ABC News’ “Turning Point” documentary show on the Unabomber
#16: Recorded live at the Knitting Factory NYC 11/22/99, no overdubs
#17: Recorded at the Knitting Factory NYC 11/24/97
#18: Recorded live in his living room NYC 1/91

Spider Web

Item Details



Gary Lucas: vo, a-g, electronics
Gary Lucas: national steel-g
Nick Cave: vo

Gary Lucas: national steel-g, acoustic slide-g
David Johansen: vo, hmc
Matt Johnson: tabla, shaker
Lee Farber: djembe
Gary Lucas: e-g

Elli Medeiros: vo
Cyril Atef: ds, perc
Guillermo Fellove: tp
Zaf Zapha: b

Gary Lucas: e-g(solo)
Captain Beefheart: vo
Don Van Vliet: vo
Gary Lucas: e-g
Don Van Vliet: vo
Jeff Tepper: e-g
Eric Feldman: mandolin
Rick Snyder: b
Robert Williams: ds

Gary Lucas: vo-a-g
Gary Lucas: national steel bottleneck-g
Stewart Winter: syn-prog, d-sprog
Joe Saba: syn-prog, d-sprog
Gary Lucas: electric slide-g
Eric Mingus: vo

Gary Lucas: e-g(solo)
Gary Lucas: e-g, electronics
Richard Barone: vo
Gary Lucas: a-g, vo
Peter Stampfel: fiddle
Gary Lucas: a-g(solo), electronics

Gary Lucas: e-g, a-g, electronics
Mary Margaret O’Hara: vo
Fernando Saunders: b
Gary Lucas: e-g, electronics
Stewart Winter: syn-prog, d-sprog
Joe Saba: syn-prog, d-sprog
Gary Lucas: e-g, electronics
DJ Spooky: turntables, kalimba, sampler
Gary Lucas: a-g, electronics, vo
Jonathan Kane: ds
Kato Hideki: bowed e-b
Gary Lucas: e-g(solo), electronics