Big City Rhythms / マイケル・ファインスタイン

Big City Rhythms
Michael Feinstein With The Maynard Ferguson Big Band

Big City Rhythms


  1. Close Your Eyes 2:57
  2. The Very Thought Of You 5:29
  3. Let Me Off Uptown 3:34
  4. Girl Talk 5:07
  5. You Can’t Lose ‘Em All 4:33
  6. One Day At A Time 3:54
  7. The Rhythm Of the Blues 5:52
  8. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else 5:25
  9. Ev’rything You Want Is Here 4:29
  10. Johnny One Note 2:27
  11. Swing Is Back In Style 2:38
  12. Love Is Nothin’ But A Racket 3:27
  13. Lullaby In Rhythm 3:25
  14. Medley: When Your Lover Has Gone / The Gal That Got Away 4:59
  15. New York, New York 3:38
  16. How Little We Know 2:43

Recorded by: Leslie Ann Jones at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, CA August 2-4, 1999

The Very Thought Of You

Item Details

Concord Records


Michael Feinstein: vo
Maynard Ferguson: bandleader, tp, flh

Earl MacDonald: p(#1-6, 8-10, 12, 13, 15)
Maynard Ferguson: p(#7, 11, 14, 16)
Dennis Budimir: g
Brian Stahurski: b
David Throckmorton: ds

Albie Berk: ds
Larry Bunker: perc
Adolfo Acosta: tp
Wayne Bergeron: tp
Maynard Ferguson: tp, flh
Brian Ploeger: tp
Bobby Shew: tp, flh
Tom Garling: tb
Alex Iles: tb
Reggie Watkins: tb

Bryant Byers: b-tb
Jim Self: tuba
Matt Catingub: as(#12)
Mike Dubaniewicz: as
Gary Foster: as
Jim Brenan: ts
Dan Higgins: ts
Sal Lozano: bs