That’s Right / ジョージ・ベンソン

That’s Right
ジョージ・ベンソン / George Benson

That's Right




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George Benson: g, vo
Paul Peterson: b, rhythm-g, key(#1-4, 6, 7, 9)
Michael Bland: ds(#1-7, 9, 12)
Ricky Peterson: key, org, e-p(#1-9, 12)
Ralph MacDonald: congas(#3)
Joe Mardin: key, prog, e-p, syn-b(#5, 8, 12)
Paulinho Da Costa: cowbell(#6)
Curtis Williams: key(#8)
Nicki Richards: back-vo(#8)
Eric Leeds: sax(#9)
Maxton Gig Beesley, Jr.: key, p, vibes(#11)
Graham Harvey: a-p(#11)
Julian Crampton: b(#11)
Richard Bull: ds, perc-prog(#11)
J. P. “Bluey” Maunick: ds-prog(#11)
Fayaz Virji: tb, hr-arr(#11)
Kevin Robinson: tp, flh(#11)
Bud Beadle: as, fl(#11)
Joy Malcolm: back-vo(#11)
Mark Anthoni: back-vo(#11)
Tom Keene: e-p, syn-b(#12)

  1. That’s Right 5:00
  2. The Thinker 5:37
  3. Marvin Said 5:20
  4. True Blue 5:05
  5. Holdin’ On 5:25
  6. Song For My Brother 4:15
  7. Johnnie Lee 5:36
  8. Summer Love 4:36
  9. P Park 4:50
  10. Footprints In The Sand 3:44
  11. When Love Comes Calling 6:27
  12. Where Are You Now? 5:37

Recorded at Soundtrack Studios, New York, NY,
Greene Street Recording Studios, New York, NY, & Broadway Productions, New York, NY

George Benson – THAT'S RIGHT
That’s Right