Land Of The Midnight Sun: 白夜の大地 / アル・ディ・メオラ

Land Of The Midnight Sun: 白夜の大地
アル・ディ・メオラ / Al Di Meola

Land Of The Midnight Sun



  1. The Wizard 6:47
  2. Land Of The Midnight Sun 9:11
  3. Sarabande From Violin Sonata In B Minor 1:20
  4. Love Theme From “Pictures Of The Sea” 2:26
  5. Suite Golden Dawn 9:50
    Morning Fire
    Calmer Of The Tempests
    From Ocean To The Clouds
  6. Short Tales Of The Black Forest 5:41


Recorded at Electric Lady Recording Studios, New York
*Recorded at Different Fur Trading Co. in San Francisco

Land Of The Midnight Sun

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Mingo Lewis: perc, key
Steve Gadd: ds
Anthony Jackson: b
Al Di Meola: 6 & 12 string-g
Al Di Meola: e-g
Lenny White: ds
Mingo Lewis: perc
Anthony Jackson: b
Barry Miles: e-p, Mini-Moog

Al Di Meola: a-g
Al Di Meola: e-g, a-g(6 & 12 string), vo, syn, chimes
Stanley Clarke: b, vo
Mingo Lewis: perc
Patty Buyukas: vo

Al Di Meola: e-g
Alphonse Mouzon: ds
Jaco Pastorius: b
Mingo Lewis: perc
Barry Miles: e-p, Mini-Moog
Chick Corea: a-p, marimba
Al Di Meola: a-g(6 string), gong