Commonwealth Blues / タビー・ヘイズ

Commonwealth Blues
タビー・ヘイズ / Tubby Hayes Quartet

Commonwealth Blues


  1. Tubby’s Blues
  2. The Song Is You
  3. The More I See You
  4. Speak Low
  5. Tubby’s Blues
  6. Tubby’s Blues
  7. Bluesology
  8. Detour Ahead
  9. Who Can I Turn To?
  10. Tubby’s Blues
  11. Tubby’s Blues
  12. Alone Together
  13. I Never Know What To Say When
  14. A Taste Of Honey
  15. Tubby’s Blues
  16. Tubby’s Blues
  17. Bye Bye Blackbird
  18. Time After Time
  19. In The Night
  20. Tubby’s Blues

Recorded in the summer of 1965 at the BBC’s Kensington Studios in London, England

Tubby’s Blues

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Art of Life Records


Tubby Hayes: ts(#1-5, 16, 20), fl(#11-15, 17), vibes(#7-9, 18-20)
Gordon Beck: p
Johnny Butts: ds
Jeff Clyne: a-b