Spellbinder: Compiled By Kyoto Jazz Massive

Spellbinder: Compiled By Kyoto Jazz Massive


Kyoto Jazz Massiveが92年に初めて手がけた幻のコンピレーション!

KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVEが放つスペシャル・コンピレーション。ガリアーノによるカヴァーで知られるアーチ―・シェップの “アッティカ・ブルース” 他、貴重なインパルス・レーベルの音源の中から “ダンシン・トゥ・ジャズ” をテーマに選曲。


  1. Attica Blues / Archie Shepp
  2. Mr. Peabody / Clifford Coulter
  3. Vjc / Clifford Coulter
  4. Do Your Thing / Mel Brown
  5. Abstract / Archie Shepp
  6. For Mods Only / Chico Hamilton
  7. Spellbinder / Gabor Szabo
  8. Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah-Hum-Allah / Pharaoh Sanders

#1: From “Attica Blues”
Recorded January 24, 25, and 26, 1972, at A&R Recording, New York
#2: From “Do It Now, Worry ‘Bout It Later”
Recorded May 25, 1971, at Western Recording, Los Angeles, and September 28, 1971, at Wally Heider Recording, San Francisco
#3: From “Do It Now, Worry ‘Bout It Later”
Recorded May 25, 1971, at Western Recording, Los Angeles
#4: From “I’d Rather Suck My Thumb”
Recorded at Vault Recording Studios, Soul Recording Studios, July, August, and October, 1969
#5: From “For Losers”
Recorded at RCA Studios, New York City, February 17, 1969
#6: From “The Dealer”
#7: From “Gabor Szabo”
Recorded May 6, 1966
#8: From “Jewels of Thought”
Recorded at Plaza Sound Studios, New York City, October 20, 1969

Attica Blues

Item Details

MCA ビクター


Archie Shepp: ts
Henry Hull: lead-vo
Joshie Armstead: back-vo
Albertine Robinson: back-vo

Roy Burrowes: tp
Michael Ridley: tp
Charles McGhee: tp
Clifford Thornton: cort
Charles Stephens: tb
Kiane Zawadi: tb
Charles Greenlee: tb

Hakim Jami: eup
Marion Brown: as
Clarence White: as
Billy Robinson: ts
Roland Alexander: ts
James Ware: bs
Leroy Jenkins: vn
John Blake: vn
Lakshminarayana Shankar: vn
Ronald Lipscomb: vc

Calo Scott: vc
Walter Davis Jr.: e-p
Cornell Dupree: g
Jerry Jemmott: b
Roland Wilson: b
Beaver Harris: ds
Ollie Anderson: perc
Juma Sutan: perc

Nene DeFense: perc
Clifford Coulter: g, melodica, heavy rapping
Mel Brown: g
Sonny Glaze: g
Jimmy Calhoun: b
Ron Beck: ds, deep signifying
Lucy Wilkins: deep signifying
Marlene Wilkins: deep signifying
Donnie Rogers: deep signifying
Hanne Coulter: deep signifying

Clifford Coulter: org
John Turk: tp
Mel Brown: g
Sonny Glaze: g
Ron Beck: ds

Mel Brown: g, vo
Clifford Coulter: org, e-p
Johnnie Carswell: org

Matthew Kelly: hmc
Bob West: b
Greg Ferber: ds
Archie Shepp: ts

Jimmy Owens: tp, flh
Grachan Moncur III: tb
James Spaulding: as
Charles Davis: bs
Wally Richardson: g
Dave Bu
rrell: org
Bob Bushnell: b
Bernard Purdie: ds

Chico Hamilton: ds
Arnie Lawrence: as
Archie Shepp: p
Larry Coryell: g

Richard Davis: b

Gabor Szabo: g
Chico Hamilton: ds
Ron Carter: b
Victor Pantoja: latin perc
Willie Bobo: latin perc
Pharoah Sanders: ts, b-cl, fl, african thumb piano, orchestra chimes, perc
Leon Thomas: vo, perc
Lonnie Liston Smith: p, african fl, african thumb piano, perc
Idris Muhammad: ds, perc
Roy Haynes: ds