Simply Said / ケニー・ギャレット

Simply Said
ケニー・ギャレット / Kenny Garrett

Simply Said



  1. G.T.D.S. 6:07
  2. Charlie Brown Goes To South Africa 6:36
  3. Delta Bali Blues 4:56
  4. Conversation With Hutcherson 5:33
  5. Words Can’t Express 4:03
  6. Back Where You Started 4:26
  7. Sounds Like Winter 4:02
  8. Can I Just Hold Your Hand? 5:56
  9. Organized Colors 9:33
  10. 3rd Quadrant 6:01
  11. Simply Said 3:26

Recorded at Avatar Studio, New York, The Hit Factory, New York


Item Details

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.


Kenny Garrett: as, ss, sopranino
Shedrick Mitchell: p, org
Mulgrew Miller: p(#10)
Nat Reeves: a-b
Chris Dave: ds
Jeff Watts: ds(#10)
Pat Metheny: e-g, a-g(#7, 11)
Marcus Miller: e-b(#1, 7, 11)
Bashiri Johnson: perc

Tick Tock Vocal Crew:
Jeff Watts
Mulgrew Miller
Raymond Harris
Nat Reeves