Blue Note For Cafe Apres-Midi

Blue Note For Cafe Apres-Midi

Blue Note For Cafe Apres-Midi

監修・選曲 橋本徹(SUBURBIA)


  1. Message From The Nile 2:23
    from Extensions(1970) McCoy Tyner
  2. Sandia Dela 3:27
    from How Insensitive(1969) Duke Pearson
  3. Early Morning Love 3:23
    from Saudade(1974) Moacir Santosg
  4. Ca-Lee-So 5:31
    from Delightfulee(1966) Lee Morgan
  5. You’re Everything 2:49
    from Can’t Hide Love(1976) Carmen McRae
  6. Upa Neguinho 1:56
    from How Insensitive(1969) Duke Pearson
  7. Moments Notice 9:06
    from Blue Train(1957) John Coltrane
  8. Elijah 9:15
    from A New Perspective(1963) Donald Byrd
  9. Jazz 5:21
    from San Francisco(1970) Bobby Hutcherson
  10. Speak Like A Child 7:45
    from Speak Like A Child(1968) Herbie Hancock
  11. Recorda-Me 5:59
    from Page One(1963) Joe Henderson
  12. Kathy 4:14
    from In Pursuit Of The 27th Man(1972) Horace Silver
  13. Ise Oluwa 5:38
    from African High Life(1963) Solomon Ilori
  14. Montara 4:55
    from Montara(1975) Bobby Hutcherson
  15. Where Are We Going ? 2:53
    from Black Byrd(1972) Donald Byrd
  16. Rose Marie 4:24
    from Who Is This Bitch, Anyway ?(1974) Marlena Shaw

Total Playing Time 79:06

McCoy Tyner – Message From The Nile

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