Mwandishi: The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings / ハービー・ハンコック

Mwandishi: The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings
ハービー・ハンコック / Herbie Hancock

Mwandishi: The Complete Warner Bros. Recordings

ワーナー在籍時の1969年から1972年に発表した3作品「Fat Albert Rotunda」「Mwandishi」「Crossings」をカップリング。BLUE NOTEを離れCOLUMBIAへ移るまでの過渡期といわれる時期に録音、後のハンコックの音楽性が垣間見える2枚組CD。

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Fat Albert Rotunda
Disc1 #2-6
Herbie Hancock: p, e-p
Joe Henderson: a-fl, ts
Johnny Coles: tp, flh
Garnett Brown: tb
Albert “Tootie” Heath: ds
Buster Williams: a-b, e-b
Disc1 #1, 7
Herbie Hancock: p, e-p
Joe Newman: tp(solo#1)
Johnny Coles: tp
Ernie Royal: tp
Garnett Brown: tb
Benny Powell: tb
Ray Alonge: French-hr
Joe Farrell: as, ts(solo#7)
Joe Henderson: ts(solo#1), a-fl
Arthur “Babe” Clarke: bs
Eric Gale: g(solo#7)
Billy Butler: g
Jerry Jermott: e-b
Bernard Purdie: ds
George Devens: perc

Disc1 #8, 9 Disc2 #1
Herbie Hancock Sextet:
Herbie Hancock: Fender Rhodes piano
Buster Williams: b
Billy Hart: ds
Eddie Henderson: tp, flh
Benny Maupin: b-cl, a-fl
Julian Priester: tb
Also appearing:
Leon Chancler: ds, perc
Jose “Cepito” Areas: congas, timbales(#8)
Ron Montrose: g(#8)

Disc 2 #2-4
Herbie Hancock: Fender Rhodes electric piano, p, mellotron, perc
Benny Maupin: ss, a-fl, b-cl, picc, perc
Julian Priester: b-tb, t-tb, a-tb, perc
Buster Williams: e-b, a-b, perc
Billy Hart: ds, perc
Eddie Henderson: tp, flh, perc
Also appearing:
Patrick Gleason: moog-syn
Victor Pontoja: congas
Candy Love: vo
Sandra Stevens: vo
Della Horne: vo
Victoria Domagalski: vo
Scott Beach: vo

  1. Wiggle-Waggle 5:48
  2. Fat Mama 3:48
  3. Tell Me A Bedtime Story 5:00
  4. Oh! Oh! Here He Comes 4:05
  5. Jessica 4:11
  6. Fat Albert Rotunda 6:27
  7. Lil’ Brother 4:25
  8. Ostinato (Suite For Angela) 13:09
  9. You’ll Know When You Get There 10:15
  1. Wandering Spirit Song 21:25
  2. Sleeping Giant
    Part One 7:26
    Part Two 5:29
    Part Three 3:46
    Part Four 5:40
    Part Five 2:15
  3. Quasar 7:22
  4. Water Torture 13:56

#1-7 on Disc1 from “Fat Albert Rotunda” WS 1834
Recorded October 4 and 16, November 26 and December 8, 1969 at Van Gelder Recording Studios, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

#8, 9 on Disc1 and #1 on Disc2 from “Mwandishi” WS 1898
Recorded December 31, 1970 at Wally Heider Recording Studios, San Francisco, California

#2-4 on Disc2 from “Crossings” BS 2617
Recorded February 15-17, 1972 at Pacific Recording Studios, San Mateo, California

Wiggle Waggle
Ostinato (Suite for Angela)