Bottom’s Up / ヴィクター・ベイリー

Bottom’s Up
ヴィクター・ベイリー / Victor Bailey

Bottom's Up




01. Kid Logic 6:15
02. Joyce’s Favorite 6:04
03. Miles Wows (Live) 7:07
04. Round Midnight 7:25
05. Bottom’s Up 5:52
06. Hear The Design 5:15
07. In The Hat 6:49
08. For Wendell And Brenda 3:10

Recorded at Quad Recording, NYC

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Victor Bailey: bass-g, syn, vo
Michael Brecker: ts
Wayne Krantz: g
Jim Beard: a-p, syn-prog
Omar Hakim: ds
Mino Cinelu: perc
Victor Bailey: bass-g, syn
Terence Blanchard: tp
Kevin Eubanks: a-g
Clyde Criner: a-p, syn
Marcus Miller: b
Omar Hakim: ds
Victor Bailey: bass-g, syn, back-vo
Wayne Shorter: ss
Mark Ledford: lead & back-vo
Mike “Dino” Campbell: g
Dennis Chambers: ds
Horn Section
Terence Blanchard: tp
Donald Harrison: as
Alex Foster: ts
Mark Ledford: picc-tp
Victor Bailey: bass-g, syn, vo, ds-prog
Branford Marsalis: ss
Rodney Jones: g
Jim Beard: a-p, syn
Lonnie Plaxico: a-b
Steve Thornton: perc
Poogie Bell: tom fills, cymbal crashes
Jeff Watts: snare drum with brushes, hi-hat, jazz cymbal
Victor Bailey: bass-g, syn, vo, ds-prog
Najee: ts
Richard Tee: Hammond-org
Mike “Dino” Campbell: g
Mark Ledford: “Play The Bottom Victor” (sic)
Poogie Bell: ds-prog
Victor Bailey: bass-g, syn, vo, ds-prog
Clarence Robinson: spoken voice, lead-vo
Donald Harrison: as

Clyde Criner: syn, samples
Rodney Holmes: snare-ds, hi-hat, cymbal
Victor Bailey: bass-g
Jim Beard: syn
Bill Evans: ts
Jon Herington: g
Mino Cinelu: perc
Richie Morales: ds

Victor Bailey: bass-g solo