Body And Soul / ジョー・ジャクソン

Body And Soul
ジョー・ジャクソン / Joe Jackson

Body And Soul




01. The Verdict 5:31
02. Cha Cha Loco 4:47
03. Not Here, Not Now 5:27
04. You Can’t Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want) 4:50
05. Go For It 4:18
06. Loisaida 5:33
07. Happy Ending 3:39
08. Be My Number Two 4:18
09. Heart Of Ice 6:53

Cha Cha Loco

Item Details

A&M Records


Graham Maby: b
Vinnie Zummo: g
Ed Roynesdal: key, vn
Tony Aiello: sax, fl
Michael Morreale: tp, flh
Gary Burke: ds
Ellen Foley: vo
Elaine Caswell: vo
Joe Jackson: vo, p, sax