Summer Night / サラ・ジェーン・シオン

Summer Night
サラ・ジェーン・シオン / Sarah Jane Cion

Summer Night

噂の美人ピアニスト 詩情が漂い色彩がゆらめく 待望の第2弾!


  1. a. Never Never Land 5:10
    b. Pure Imagination
  2. Walking On The Moon 5:01
  3. Summer Night 5:24
  4. Gabrielle 7:14
  5. Stage One 4:47
  6. Prisoner Of War 8:29
  7. Psychic Warrior 3:52
  8. The Safflower 5:50
  9. Solo Piano Medley 4:35
    a. You Won’t Forget Me
    b. Why Did I Choose You
    c. Maturity From Cinema Paradiso

Total Time 50:38

Recorded on 24th September, 2000 at Peter Karl Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Walking on the Moon

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Sarah Jane Cion: p
Phil Palombi: b
Billy Hart: ds
Michael Brecker: ts(#3, 6)