Teddy Wilson & His All-Stars Vol.1 / テディ・ウィルソン

Teddy Wilson & His All-Stars Vol.1
テディ・ウィルソン / Teddy Wilson

Teddy Wilson & His All-Stars Vol.1



  1. I’ll See You In My Dreams 2:38
  2. Tea For Two 3:10
  3. Fine And Dandy 2:34
  4. Sweet Lorraine 3:02
  5. Mary Had A Little Lamb 2:55
  6. Too Good To Be True 3:08
  7. Blues In C# Minor 3:20
  8. Warmin’ You 3:12
  9. Who Loves You 3:12
  10. These N’That N’Those 3:12
  11. Eeney Meeny Meiny Mo 3:12
  12. With Thee I Swing 3:15
  13. Sugar Plum 3:00
  14. Things Are Looking Up 3:21
  15. Rhythm In My Nursery Rhythm 3:00
  16. Sailin’ 2:55

Recording: 1935年~1939年

I’ll See You in My Dreams

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Teddy Wilson & His All-Stars
Teddy Wilson: p
Irving Randolph: tp
Vido Musso: cl
Ben Webster: ts
Allan Reuss: g
John Kirby: b
Cozy Cole: ds
Cootie Williams: tp
Johnny Hodges: as
Harry Carney: bs
Roy Eldridge: tp
Hilton Jefferson: as
Buster Bailey: cl
Israel Crosby: b
Sidney Catlett: ds
Billie Holiday: vo
Benny Morton: tb
Dick Clark: tp
Tom Mace: cl
Dave Barbour: g
Chris Griffin: tp
Rudy Powell: cl
Teddy McRae: ts
Jonah Jones: tp
Benny Goodman: cl
Leon Berry: ts
Bob Lessey: g