Cornucopia: 枯葉 / スタンリー・ジョーダン

Cornucopia: 枯葉
スタンリー・ジョーダン / Stanley Jordan


スタンリー・ジョーダンのブルーノート3作目。スタンダード・ナンバー「Autumn Leaves」「Willow Weep For Me」やコルトレーンの「Impressions」、マーヴィン・ゲイの「What’s Going On」のカヴァーなどを収録。

  1. Impressions 7:18
  2. Willow Weep For Me 4:40
  3. Autumn Leaves 7:55
  4. Still Got The Blues 5:07
  5. Fundance 7:37
  6. What’s Going On 6:26
  7. Always Know 4:31
  8. Asteroids 4:43
  9. Cornucopia 21:48

#1-4: Recorded live at Manhattan Center Studios, March 21, 1989
#5: Recorded live at The Rainbow, Denver, Colorado on August 21, 1986
#6-8: Recorded and mixed at Studio J, New York City
#9: Recorded at PLM Hotel, Fort De France, Martinique, December 2, 1988


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#1, 3
Stanley Jordan: Vigier Arpege-g
Kenny Kirkland: a-p
Charnett Moffett: b
Jeff Watts: ds
#2, 5, 9
Stanley Jordan: Vigier Arpege-g(#2), g(#5), PG380-g(#9)
Stanley Jordan: Casio PG380-g(guitar & organ sounds)
Bernard Wright: key
Yossi Fine: b
J. T. Lewis: ds
Stanley Jordan: g(Vigier Arpege, Casio PG380, Gibson Les Paul), b & ds-prog
Bernard Wright: b-prog, key
Michael Flythe: ds
Kenwood Dennard: ds
Robert Zantay: syn-prog, wind-controlled strings
Stanley Jordan: g(Vigier Arpege, Gibson Les Paul, Casio PG380), ds-prog
Yossi Fine: b
Bernard Wright: key, ds-prog
Flare Funston: ds
Robert Zantay: syn-prog, MIDI wind controller
Stanley Jordan: syn
Robert Zantay: syn-prog
Kenwood Dennard: ds