Deeper Than You Think / デニス・チャン

Deeper Than You Think
デニス・チャン / Denis Chang

Deeper Than You Think


  1. Fleche D’Or
  2. Stompin’ At The Savoy
  3. Manha De Carnival
  4. Double Jeu
  5. Danse Norvegienne
  6. Gypsy Swing
  7. Dinello
  8. Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
  9. Latcheben
  10. Paquito
  11. Ballade Irlandaise
  12. Some Of These Days
  13. Moskovskaia Okna
  14. Deeper Than You Think

Recorded at: Elshaw Studios, Montreal, Quebec: Feb 2009

Deeper Than You Think

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Denis Chang: g
Romain Vuillemin: rhythm-g
Carmen Piculeata: vn
Paul Van Dyk: b
Special Guests
Cyrille-Aimee Daudel: vo(#8)
Aurelien Trigo: strings(#11, 13)
Vanessa Rodriguez: rhodes(#8, 14)
Moise Matey: perc(#3, 14)
Felix Stussi: p(#2)