Harry On Broadway Act 1 / ‎ハリー・コニックJr.

Harry On Broadway Act 1
‎ハリー・コニックJr. / Harry Connick, Jr.

Harry On Broadway Act 1

ハリー・コニックJr.が出演したミュージカル「The Pajama Game」「Thou Shalt Not」の2枚組CD。

The Pajama Game:
The New Broadway Cast Recording
The Pajama Game
  1. Overture 2:25
  2. Racing With The Clock 2:49
  3. A New Town Is A Blue Town 2:51
  4. I’m Not At All In Love 4:06
  5. I’ll Never Be Jealous Again 4:24
  6. Hey There 4:00
  7. Sleep Tite 0:40
  8. Her Is 2:42
  9. Once A Year Day 4:37
  10. Once A Year Day Playoff 0:50
  11. Her Is (Reprise) 1:36
  12. Small Talk 3:20
  13. There Once Was A Man 3:31
  14. Factory Music / Slow Down 0:54
  15. Hey There (Reprise) 1:22
  16. Steam Heat 4:47
  17. The World Around Us 2:31
  18. Hey There (Reprise) / If You Win You Lose 3:24
  19. Think Of The Time I Save 2:37
  20. Hernando’s Hideaway 8:02
  21. The Three Of Us 2:33
  22. Seven-And-A-Half Cents 4:34
  23. There Once Was A Man (Reprise) 0:48
  24. Hernando’s Jive 0:52
  25. The Pajama Game / Finale 2:59

Recorded at Avatar Studios, NYC, March 6 & 7, 2006

Songs From Thou Shalt Not
Songs From Thou Shalt Not
  1. Oh, My Dear (Something’s Gone Wrong) 4:17
  2. Can’t We Tell 3:59
  3. Such Love 5:48
  4. I Like Love More 3:05
  5. My Little World 4:30
  6. All Things 2:22
  7. I Need To Be In Love 4:29
  8. Oh! Ain’t That Sweet 4:00
  9. The Other Hours 3:48
  10. Take Advantage 4:45
  11. Take Her To The Mardi Gras 3:45

Recorded at Avatar Studios, NYC, March 9 & 10, 2006

Oh! Ain’t That Sweet

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Cast (In Order Of Appearance)
Factory Workers:
・Prez: Peter Benson
・Mae: Joyce Chittick
・Virginia: Bridget Berger
・Charlie: Stephen Berger
・Martha: Kate Chapman
・Brenda: Paula Leggett Chase
・Poopsie: Jennifer Cody
・Lewie: David Eggers
・Cyrus: Michael Halling
・Carmen: Bianca Marroquin
・Jake: Vince Pesce
・Joe: Devin Richards
・Ralph: Jeffrey Schecter
・Shirley: Debra Walton
Hines: Michael McKean
Mr. Hasler: Richard Poe
Gladys: Megan Lawrence
Mabel: Roz Ryan
Ganzenlicker / Pop: Michael McCormick
Sid Sorokin: Harry Connick, Jr.
Babe Williams: Kelli O’Hara

Show & Album Orchestra
Conductor: Rob Berman
Associate Conductor: Chris Fenwick
Violin: Marilyn Reynolds
Cello: Beth Sturdevant
Reeds: Steve Kenyon, John Winder
Trumpets: Roger Ingram, Christian Jaudes
Trombones: John Allred, Joe Barati
Guitar: Jim Hershman
Piano: Chris Fenwick
Bass: Neal Caine
Drums: Paul Pizutti
Synthesizer Programmer: Andy Barrett
Music Coordinator: Seymour “Red” Press

Additional Musicians On Cast Album:
Violin (Concert Master): Marilyn Reynolds
Violin: Sylvia D’Avanzo
Violin: Maura Giannini
Violin: Suzanne Ornstein
Violin: Belinda Whitney
Violin: Dale P. Woodiel
Violin: Aija Silina
Violin: Mineko Yajima
Cello: Mairi Dorman
Cello: Eugene Moye
Cello: Clay Ruede
Synthesizer Programmer: Randy Cohen

Musician Credits:
Harry Connick, Jr.: Piano, Vocals
Kelli O’Hara: Vocals

Charles “Ned” Goold: Tenor Saxophone
Neal Caine: bass
Arthur Latin: Drums
Marilyn Reynolds: Violin (Concert Master)
Sylvia D’Avanzo: Violin
Maura Giannini: Violin
Suzanne Ornstein: Violin
Belinda Whitney: Violin
Dale P. Woodiel: Violin
Eugene Moye: Cello
Beth Sturdevant: Cello
Aija Silina: Violin
Crystal Garner: Viola
Jill Jaffe: Viola
Sally Shumway: Viola
Rob Berman: Conductor
Seymour “Red” Press: Contractor
Geoff Burke: Copyist