The Original Soundtrack From Tune In Tomorrow… / ウイントン・マルサリス

The Original Soundtrack From Tune In Tomorrow…
ウイントン・マルサリス / Wynton Marsalis

The Original Soundtrack From Tune In Tomorrow

ピーター・フォーク主演の映画「Tune In Tomorrow…(邦題「ラジオタウンで恋をして」)のサウンド・トラック。


01. Big Trouble In The Easy 4:12
02. Kings Of The Garden District 0:42
03. Crescent Chili Crawl (On The St. Charles Streetcar Line) 6:24
04. Alligator Tail Drag (Mr. Alligator – Why You So Mean?) 5:34
05. May Be Fact Or Fiction 2:21
06. Social Soft Shoe (Partying At Olga’s) 3:35
07. Mama Leona (You Know You Not Spainish!) 2:37
08. I Can’t Get Started 5:20
09. The Grand Marshall (Martin’s Big Break) 2:56
10. The Ways Of Love (Julia & Martin) 4:25
11. On The Eve Of Entry 3:41
12. Don’t Run From Fun (Julia’s Decision) 2:10
13. Albanians (Why Us?) 0:30
14. Sunsettin’ On The Bayou (Toonin’ Tonight) 5:07
  1. Dusk ON The Delta
  2. Yas, Yaz, Yaz, All-Night Jazz
  3. Pre-Morning Masquerade At The Cafe Du Monde
15. The Ways Of Love 4:11
16. Double Rondo On The River (Pedro’s Getaway) 9:25

I Can’t Get Started

Item Details



Wes Anderson: as
Wycliffe Gordon: tb
Wynton Marsalis: tp
Herlin Riley: ds
Marcus Roberts: p
Reginald Veal: b
Todd Williams: ts, ss, cl
Alvin Batiste: cl(#1-8, 10-12, 15, 16)
Warren Bernhardt: org(#2)
Harvey Estrin: as(#13)
Herb Harris: ts
Lucky Peterson: org(#3)
Joe Temperley: bs
Dr. Michael White: cl(#1, 4, 5, 9, 14, 16)
Johnny Adams: vo(#5)
Shirley Horn: vo(#8, 10