There Will Be No Money Today / マルコ・ボスコ

There Will Be No Money Today
マルコ・ボスコ / Marco Bosco

There Will Be No Money Today

マルコ・ボスコ もっともコンテンポラリーなブラジリアン・ミュージックの傑作!!


  1. Jungle City
  2. Cravo E Canela
  3. Esquenta Muie
  4. Tsuki No Sabsku
  5. Streets Of Tokyo
  6. Drifting On The Water
  7. Takami’s Laugh
  8. Agua De Coco
  9. Maraca Domingo
  10. Hoje Nao Vai Ter Dinheiro
  11. Boi Tata

Recorded and Mixed at Media Garden Studio in Tokyo, between 95/09/18 and 97/07/29

Tsuki no Sabaku

Item Details

Ape’s Records


Marco Bosco: djembe bass, djembe, timbau, cow-bell, chequere, talking drum, calimba, vibra tune, bell tree, octabans, berimbau, seeds, samplers, arr
Eiki Nonaka: a-g, e-g, key, prog, voc, arr

Marco Bosco: vo, ds-prog, bacurinha, repique, eeds, djembe, chequere, cow-bell, solo voices, arr
Paulo Cesar Gomes: key
Ricardo “Azeitona” Sagioratto: e-b, arr
Andy Bevan: ss, as, ts
Marco Bosco: ds-prog, bacurinha, repique, surdo, djembe, cow-bell, pandeiro, arr
Nahame Casseb: snare-ds
Paulo Calasans: key, arr

Marco Bosco: tubular bells, bird whistles, seeds, metal effects, reco, cymbal, fingers, utters, cuica, key-prog, arr
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto: key, arr
Marco Bosco: bamboo-fl, djembe bass, bass darbruka, surdo, djembe, timbau, synthesizer effects, metal effects
Paulo Cesar Gomes: key, arr

Marco Bosco: ds-loop, vibra tune, perc-voices, darbrukas with Brush, tabla, berimbau, arr
Casey Rankin: a-g, vo, chorus, laugh
Akio Suzuki: ss, chorus
Osny Melo: prog, key, chorus, arr

Marco Bosco: ds-prog, congas, bongo, surdo, repique, cow-bell, tambourine, guiro, shaker
Paulo Calasans: key, arr
Hideki Ishii: prog
Grace Bosco: laugh
Marco Bosco: cuica, ocean-ds, djembe bass, surdo, djembe, bass darbruka, pandeiro, turtle shell, tamborim, timbau, horse jaw bone, caxixi, bamboo’s, shaker
Sirley Rossi: pandeiro, bamboo’s, rebruka, timbau, cuica pad, arr
Andy Bevan: didgeridoo
Marcelo Mariano: e-b

Paulo Calasans: key, arr
Hideki Ishii: prog
Marco Bosco: tamborins, surdo, udu, timbales, djembe, timbau
Edu Alves: a-g
Luca Maciel: e-b, arr
Sirley Rossi: pandeiro
Andy Bevan: a-fl, ss

Nahame Casseb: ds
Marco Bosco: congas, tamborim, ago-go bell, timbau, shaker, hand-claps, chorus
Sirley Rossi: pandeiro, timbau, djembe bass, hand-claps, chorus, arr
Biro Do Cavaco: cavaquinhos, hand-claps, chorus, arr

Raimundo Nonato: lead-vo, hand-claps, chorus
Marco Bosco: zippo lighter, all percussion voices, hand-claps
Cisao Machado: e-b, arr
Jean Garfunkel: vo