Blues For Schuur / ダイアン・シューア

Blues For Schuur
ダイアン・シューア / Diane Schuur

Blues For Schuur



  1. I’m Not Ashamed To Sing The Blues 6:26
  2. When Did You Leave Heaven? 4:16
  3. Stormy Monday Blues 3:04
  4. These Blues 4:41
  5. Moonlight & Shadows 4:23
  6. All Right, OK, You Win (I’m In Love With You) 3:07
  7. Who Will The Next Fool Be? 2:29
  8. Save Your Love For Me 5:04
  9. Someone To Love 6:05
  10. Toodle Loo On Down 2:42
  11. You’ve Got To Hurt Before You Heal 4:57
  12. I Want To Go Home 3:18

Recorded by Al Schmitt and Bill Smith at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, Village Recorders, Los Angeles

I’m Not Ashamed To Sing The Blues

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Diane Schuur: vo
Harvey Mason: ds
Jai Winding: p, org
David T. Walker: g
Melvin Davis: b
Chuck Findley: tp

Greg Adams: tp
Nick Lane: tb
Matt Finders: tb
Gary Herbig: sax
Johnnie Bamont: sax
Larry Williams: sax